Cookie & Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates how such information is protected and processed. Please be careful to read it. You can stop using our services if you differ in their content. Let’s remember that your confidential data may be held in databases that other entities have access to on behalf of our company. All organizations that have such access are subject to the requirements laid down in this regulation.

Private Data You Share with Us

Without registering or having to supply us with private information, the site can be visited and used. If you subscribe to our Mailing List by including an e-mail address, you can choose to obtain notifications about promotions, bonuses, bets, tips, and policies. You can cease to receive such messages at any time by writing or in any one of our e-mail addresses by clicking the ‘unsubscribe.’ We may keep a record of this interaction or conversation if you approach us, e.g., by e-mail and contact forms, by telephone or by post.

Private Data that We Gather Spontaneously

We gather Some private details spontaneously, including your IP address, the time and date you have used our sites, the hardware, software/web browser you use, and details on the operating system of your devices, such as app versions and language settings. We also obtain your details of clicks and pages you visit. We receive information that classifies your mobile device, device-specific settings and features, application crashes, and other system events if you use a mobile device.

Utilization of Private Information

To enhance our services’ quality, we record and process private details to let you have appropriate and engaging content and perform analytics and measurements to determine how our facilities are being utilized. In such a manner as not to reveal an individual’s recognition, we can disclose information collected or statistics about browsing behaviour or habits of our consumers to third parties (e.g., marketers). For users who chose to obtain such messages, we send promotional e-mails about goods and services. Until you have informed us with your written permission, we shall not give your private data to third parties for advertising reasons.

Data Processing Legal Justification

Private information may be stored by us on different legal grounds specified in Article 6(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation. Since we have acquired your approval for a particular processing objective, your information will be used. You can always withhold your permission when processing your details by approaching us or by tapping on the “Unsubscribe” option in the communications you get from us. In the absence of such interests, we can also use private details, if handling is appropriate for the fulfilment of an agreement of which the data controller is a party; where our organization has the legal duty to process private information, and where it is appropriate to use it for the legal requirements of our business, or of a third party, except where the concern or constitutional rights and freedoms of a known or recognizable person to whom the data relates are overruled by that purpose.

Cookies Details

Cookies are tiny sections of the details that you submit on your machine when visiting a website. Simply refer to for further detail on cookies and how they operate. We employ cookies to optimize our offering and enrich your interactions. For example, when you visit our homepage, we show you the essential details. You agree to us using cookies through the use of this website. Using your browser settings, you can use a cookie, disable or erase cookies. You must render the correct details with the support feature in your preferred browser. Many platforms offer cookie manuals for help:

Besides, Google Analytics renders its own opt-out choices:

For smartphones, the device’s guidelines booklet may be read to effectively handle cookies. Cookie limitation can affect the site’s performance.

Categories of Cookies

‘First Party Cookies’

‘First Party Cookies’ are provided by the domain agency by which the cookie is provided. It implies GDC Dealing. If we authorize anyone to use our platforms and applications to serve cookies, these cookies are considered “third-party cookies.” Further detail on most popular cookies, how they are utilized, and how long they are retained on your computer or smartphone is given below.


Placed by GDC Trading Limited. This cookie provides us with details about how users will explore our website (e.g., whether they came using Google search result, an ad, or wrote our website address on the browser). It is saved for one month.

Google Analytics

It is provided by Google. The third-party cookie gives us details regarding your use of the website, like where you browse the site when you visit it, pages saw, etc. It is saved for two years.

Google AdWords

Google put it. This cookie helps us to market our site through the AdWords programs of Google. It is saved for two years.

Tealium Utag

Tealium places it. This cookie supplies us with details regarding your use of the web site. It is saved for two years.


Kept by Hotjar. This third-party cookie enables us to analyze and monitor consumer behaviours on our web without any relation to personal data.


This cookie enables us to customize content based on the interests of viewers. It is kept for 10-month.


Cloudflare places it. This cookie is strictly required and cannot be disabled for Cloudflare’s protection features. It does not fit any user ID in your web application and does not collect private data. It is stored for 12-Month.


This cookie will be used to provide you with ads based on your preferences. They are often used to restrict the number of occasions you see publicity and help calculate a publicity campaign’s efficacy. This cookie is permanently kept.

Facebook custom audiences

It is employed to provide you with ads based on your on-site activities. It is kept for 180 days. We will engage Facebook custom audiences to show ads to customers based on the e-mail addresses we have obtained. Kindly visit here for more details on Facebook ads. Simply visit here to know how to select Facebook ads.


It is employed to provide you with specific, interest-based ads. They are often used to restrict the number of occasions you see publicity and help calculate a publicity campaign’s efficacy. This cookie is permanently kept. Kindly visit the opt-out page for the ‘User Options’ page if you wish to opt-out of our network. For all the browsers, we have been capable of connecting with your current browser cookie ID. Uncheck the box if you just want to disable your browser.


After you have registered to get updates from, this cookie is being used for sending you specific alerts based on your preferences. They are also employed to provide you with location data updates. Simply refer here for guidance on how you can refrain from receiving updates.

Keep in mind that we already have our marketers who can use cookies on their websites. And that’s what we have no power over such usage.

Please feel free to contact us via for any queries about private information, confidentiality, and cookies.