QIWI Wallet

QIWI Wallet payment method is one of the most popular online payments in Russia. This service allows you to purchase different services on the Internet and fulfill other tasks, such as buying a public transport ticket, including depositing funds to online casinos. Due to the convenience of the system, many players choose QIWI.

QIWI Wallet is a universal online currency, which is used by millions of people in Russia. The service offers a wide range of payment methods for online services and independent players.

How does Qiwi Wallet work?

Before you can start using this online currency, you will need to register a personal QIWI Wallet account.

Registration is easy and takes only several minutes. All you need is to fill in the registration form, which requests your name, email address, or telephone number. The critical condition for registration is your mobile phone number. You cannot register a QIWI Wallet without this information.

After submitting the form, a link will be sent to your mobile phone with instructions on how to confirm your request. The link will lead you to your personal account, where additional data will be required, such as the password.

After you have successfully entered the site, you can use the money in your QIWI Wallet for a variety of online services and payments for goods and services within the country. Online Qiwi Wallet casino payments are also among these online services.

How to add funds to your QIWI Wallet account?

  1. Direct transfer

With this method, money is added to your QIWI Wallet via a bank transfer or an electronic payment system. Of course, you will need to specify personal information when depositing funds. To do this, enter the number of your online account, the QIWI Wallet password, and a secret code (available in the payment service).

You can add funds from your bank card for a small commission fee that will be charged additionally.

  1. Cash transfer

Using Qiwi terminals, you can directly add funds to your account via cash transfers. The transfer is made directly to your personal account. To do this, you’ll need your QIWI Wallet password and a working mobile phone with an internet connection.

  1. Credit or Debit Cards

This method’s main advantage is that QIWI Wallet does not impose any commission for withdrawing your credit/debit card funds. You can use all payment systems, such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.

How to deposit funds from QIWI Wallet to your casino account?

Depending on the online casino interface, you can deposit funds by logging in to your QIWI Wallet account and click the transfer tab. Select the service you want to deposit to. Then enter your information, including your QIWI Wallet password and the number of your Casino account. Additionally, you can specify how much money is to be transferred. And You’re Good to go!

Advantages and Disadvantages of using QIWI Wallet payment for online casino transactions

The main advantage of using QIWI Wallet for online casinos is the convenience of a single account for all services. This means that you do not have to create an account separately for each service. Another is its mobile-optimized feature. Instead of using credit/debit cards for Qiwi Wallet deposits, you can also use QIWI Wallet to make a transaction.

Disadvantages include the need for a Russian phone number, which makes it inaccessible to other countries, and limited QIWI Wallet withdrawal options. Also, payment options may be limited if you do not have a physical card or bank account in Russia.

In Conclusion

QIWI Wallet is a convenient and easy-to-use online currency if you have already registered. You can use it for a variety of online services as well as mobile or instant payments. Its popularity is due to the wide range of payment options, which are not limited to Russia. Also, the fact that many different payment systems support QIWI Wallet makes it useful for players worldwide.