TOP casinos in the WORLD

There is a lot we can say about casinos in the world. They have a long history, and people enjoy them all over the globe. There are also plenty of restrictions and regulations about gambling. It is a complicated subject, but it is also fascinating.

The best way to begin is to review the most important casinos on our planet. Nowadays, online casinos seem to be taking over. But the good, old, traditional, land-based casinos are still out there. And here we have our selection of the best of them.

0. Venetian Casino; Macau, China

The Venetian is a highlight of every list of the greatest casinos in the world. We are talking about the largest casino that exists on our planet. Out of all these 10 great establishments, the Venetian is the biggest one. But it is not all about its size. It is also top rated all around.

This casino is equipped with an extravagant hotel and more than five hundred thousand square feet of exclusive gaming areas. We are talking about a spectacular number of five hundred game tables and more than three thousand slot machines.

1. Bellagio Las Vegas Casino; Nevada, USA

This casino is possibly the favorite of all the greatest gamblers in the world. It is known for its extravagance and opulence. For this reason, it is mostly visited by high rollers. We are talking about high-stakes people that are after a jackpot of up to two million dollars.

The Bellagio has everything a gambler dreams of, and all in a breathtaking place. From the gorgeous lake and water fountain to the thousands of slot machines. The Bellagio is a necessary visit for every gambler in Las Vegas.

2. Foxwoods Casino; Ledyard, Connecticut, USA

Welcome to the Foxwoods Resort Casino. This is the second-largest casino located in the United States of America. It is an impressive complex of six casinos, two hotels, and plenty of entertainment, food, and shopping. 

The highlights of the Foxwoods Resort include 360 gaming tables, bingo games for five thousand players, and almost five thousand slot machines. This is a really big casino that is worth exploring. Only try not to get lost.

In conclusion, it might be one of the greatest establishments of its kind in America.

3. MGM Grand Vegas Casino; Nevada, USA

MGM Resorts International is a truly iconic location that really deserves its spot on this list. It is one of the largests casino and resorts in the United States of America. And one of the most famous and successful ones in the world. 

This casino has a little bit or, better yet, a lot of everything. It has several thousand slot machines and luxurious rooms. It is equipped with restaurants, night clubs, and even opulent gift shops. The minimum age to enter is 21 years old.

4. Wynn Casino; Macau, China

The Wynn Macau Casino is a perfect destination for ambitious gamblers. It is located in China and it attracts players from every corner of the world. Inside, along with the greatest casino games available, you will be met with excellence and high quality in every step.

This casino opened its doors in 2014 and already it has more than two hundred table games and almost four hundred slot machines. It is the perfect place to try your luck and enjoy a luxurious and exotic place of entertainment. 

5. Sun City, Rustenberg, South Africa

The Sun City is one of the most desired destinations around the world. It is a great place to enjoy the wonders of South Africa and a top rated resort. However, it also includes a very impressive gambling area. 

Sun City features a lot of exciting offers for players of the world. The is a great space of 125,000 square feet for gambling. The number of slots available is really high, around 825 of them. Plus, 25 table games and even two golf courses.

6. Monte Carlo Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco

This is not only one of the best casinos that exist, it might also be the most popular location. Monaco is already a grand destination for exclusive travels. Monte Carlo is one of the favorite places of the millionaires of the world. And then there is this gorgeous, luxurious, and outstanding casino.

The Monte Carlo Casino is pretty much a perfect casino. It has everything the most experienced gamblers could want. And everything in a truly beautiful place. It is an exceptional place for all kinds of gambling and betting.

7. Casino Lisboa; Lisbon, Portugal

This is most definitely a highlight casino in Europe and maybe the entire world. The Casino Lisboa might not be as big as others in this list. But it has many other incredible advantages. We can start by praising its design, style and originality. 

The high quality of this casino is undeniable. It is not just about the perfect location, but also about the excellent catalogue of gambling options. This elegant and exciting casino is filled with seven hundred slot machines and more than twenty gaming tables. 

8. Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo, Monaco

In this case we have a very special casino in a fascinating location. We are talking about the casino of the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo in Monaco. Every casino in Monaco is worth checking out, and this is by far one of the most extravagant ones in Monte Carlo.

At the Hotel de Paris you will find high quality games, entertainment, and comfort. It is an exemplary casino that will delight the most demanding gamblers of the planet.

9. Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, Atlantic City, USA

Here we have another star casino of the United States of America. This casino in particular reunites all the most important things gamblers enjoy in a casino of this kind. This means it is a very attractive place, it exudes opulence and exclusivity.

There are high risks, high limits, and very high earnings waiting for you at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. Additionally, you will get to experience the most popular and classic casino games existing. 


In conclusion, all we can do is strongly recommend every single casino on this list. These are all spots where millionaires, celebrities, and all the greatest gamblers of the world will be. These places are luxurious, expensive, exclusive, and of the most amazing quality in every area.

They are perfect spots for high rollers and demanding players. Additionally, they are fantastic destinations for some exotic, opulent, and unforgettable vacations.

Every casino on this list has everything we would demand of the greatest ones. They have all the most popular, high-quality, classic and trending games. They also have diversity, including slot machines and all kinds of table and card games. A usual star of these types of casinos is high stakes poker. So now you know which are all the most amazing places for testing your good luck around the globe.

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