The Biggest Gambling Capitals in the World

Gambling is a risky pursuit because there’s no surety of you winning what you bet. Usually, this game is a pastime of the ones who can afford it, but some are bold enough to take a risk for their passion. In this case, what’s a better place than a casino to showcase your love for poker face? Online gambling and casinos have gained much popularity in recent years, but nothing beats bricks and mortar casino.

The glitz and glamour, the dealers, the atmosphere, and the surge of adrenaline you get when you are standing at the roulette table, waiting for the next roll; nothing is quite like this anywhere else in the world. We have compiled a list of the world’s biggest and most famous gambling cities. If you love to bet and want an ultimate betting experience, go through this list and roll out the dice to see which one to visit first!

Best Gambling Cities of USA

Las Vegas, Nevada

The glamorous Las Vegas is never missed while talking about the best gambling cities of Nevada. Vegas is one of the world’s most famous hotspots and has been the top gambling destination for years. The city owns over 100+ Casinos. The place is undoubtedly extravagant, but the casinos are bigger and more ostentatious than anywhere in the world. The 4-mile stretch, called The Strip, makes for a real gambling oasis in the middle of a desert. Las Vegas has a unique gambling atmosphere, and it has to be a dream destination for poker lovers. Some of its top-notch casinos are MGM Grand Las Vegas, The Venetian, and The Bellagio. 

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City’s greatest draws in its Casinos. If Las Vegas is too far for you, you can get the aesthetic kick of gambling in this city. Gaming action in this place comes in every variety. It has been an inspiration for the Monopoly Board Game. You can play Penny Slots or take a high-stakes Poker seat; this place serves you whatever you desire. Atlantic City has 9 Casinos, and all of them have a unique personality and ambiance to offer.

Log Angeles, California

Although Las Veg takes the lead when it comes to casinos in America, Log Angeles has many eye-catching venues frequented by celebrities and tourists alike. Los Angeles County is home to the seven biggest poker casinos; some are Commerce Casino, famous for producing one of the world’s best gambling players. The trendy Bicycle Hotel and Casino were opened in 1984, it was extended in 2015 and became a 7-story building. It has 70 rooms, 29 suite hotel stocked with a cocktail lounge, spa, pool deck, private cabanas, and gastro pub. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans enjoys an excellent reputation when it comes to its glamorous Casinos. The city has five grand Casinos and has more than 2,392 slots and gaming machines. The town also has 122 table games, ensuring the players never get bored and always have something to turn to.

Reno, Nevada

Las Vegas is not the only attractive site in Nevada. Reno, also known as Biggest Little City in the World, has a reputation among the best casinos. It is located near Northern Nevada, near Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe and the surrounding scenery is also worth visiting. Reno owns about 22 Casinos, with more than 12.688 slots and gaming machines. Some of Reno’s biggest casinos include Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Harrah’s Reno, Peppermill, Silver Legacy, and Grand Sierra. 

Best Gambling Cities in Europe

European casinos are no less attractive and entertaining than American ones. Some of its top-notch gambling places are:

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is the second smallest city in Europe and home to Europe’s biggest Casino. Images of James Bond spring up in mind whenever Monte Carlo is mentioned. Monte Carlo is classy and opulent, which is the main reason why many of the sophisticated gamblers from around the world are attracted to this place. Monaco has four casinos, 86 table games and more than 985 slots. Monaco has got something for everyone – from high stakes games at Casino de Morte Carlo to 1 cent minimum bets at the Bay Casino – it has all niches.

Paris, France

When people mention Paris, it’s not the casinos that come to mind. But you will be surprised to know that Paris has a name amongst the top cities of the world with classy casinos. Especially at night time, when the wealthy step out to have some fun around a roulette table. There are 8 Casinos in Paris, and gambling is legal too. One of the top-notch is Cercle Haussman, situated in the heart of Paris, near Opera Garnier. It boasts 25 table games and various games of poker, including three cards and 21 pokers. Top picks are Casino Barrière d’Enghien-les-Bains, Cercle Anglais, and Cercle Clichy Montmartre. Do visit these while you are in Paris.

London, UK

The iconic English capital has a diverse gambling experience. Its banking is indeed more famous than the gambling life, but it has a wide array of table games that fit a heavy player poker and an occasional Blackjack player. London is home to some of the best casinos in Europe, such as Empire Casino in Leicester Square, The Victoria Casino in Paddington, and our favorite, The Hippodrome Casino, situated in the West End. It comprises three gaming floors, Lola’s Underground Casino, seven bars, and a steak house.

Gambling Cities in Asia

Asia is on the page as the rest of the continents when it comes to poker and casinos. 

Marina Bay, Singapore

Gambling became legal in Singapore in 2015; this place has been a hot destination for tourists and players from around the world. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore has multiple swimming rooms, with over 2,500 rooms, night clubs, and the largest atrium casino on the planet. The gambling options at this place are endless.

Macau, China

Macau has become home to some of the most impressive and most extensive Casinos in the world. This place derives half of its economy from its casinos. The truth is, it enjoys the reputation of the Gambling Capital of the world, which at one time was Las Vegas. Featuring 41 Casinos, among them 20 being the largest in the world. The Venetian. Comprising 376,000 square feet of gambling space, 640 game tables, and 1,760 slot machines are the world’s largest casino floor. 

We are hopeful this brief list of the best gambling cities on different continents will help you choose your next gambling trip. However, do check the restrictions as other countries have different rules regarding poker. Thank you for reading.

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