Launch of the latest and smartphone-focused game by Playson

Playson has officially confirmed the launch of a new game environment that aims to increase the groundbreaking profile of computer programmers and provide clients with a much more enjoyable environment.

More than 15 major slots and advertising stuff of the provider have been upgraded to living, and the firm is planning to implement the upgraded version in the rest of its plays this year.


Better Customizable Performance 

Playson, one of the globe’s leading manufacturers of apps, has carried out a thorough review system for the latest UI prior to the update. It has fitted a clever latest interface, which better suits smartphone portrait layout playing and is suitable for on-the-spot one-hand gameplays.

“In combination with Playson’s Seamless Play tool, the new UI design lets players switch between devices without interrupting the gameplay.”

The current enhancement enables participants to benefit from a much more incredible atmosphere, particularly in conjunction with Playson’s Smooth Action method. Through integrating the most recent invention with the system, participants can move machines without disturbing the match throughout a single campaign.

Towards the next stage of creativity

Vsevolod Lapin, Product Manager at Playson, told in his commentary on this launch that the newest version “is not the first re-work of our user interface, but we have taken its quality to a different level with this innovative mobile-first enhancement, ideal for portrait mode.”

Lapin observed this basic but spectacular responsive style “takes both our slot and engagement tool offerings from strength to strength.”

The simple and compelling design takes our slots and tools from strength to strength, Lapin said.

In addition, Lapin emphasized that the current UI architecture contains a broad spectrum of equipment and is capable to be tailored for administrators and it can be optimized to accommodate the legal guidelines of particular industries.

 Regarding Playson

Playson is one of the globe’s top producers of gaming, delivering state-of-the-art unique ideas for almost 20 controlled governments through tout the globe. Playson effectively extends its presence around the world with its collection of more than 65 omnichannel gambling titles, all checked and accredited by leading European authorities.

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