BEST payout online slot machines

Slot machines are a very important part of online gambling. In fact, slots are usually the most popular games. This happens in almost every online casino. So it makes sense that online players want to know more about slot games. That is why we bring you this article about the best payout options among online slots.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about slots. This includes payout percentages, and the best online offers. We will talk about the best kinds of casinos, and the best software for games. Finally, we will answer all your questions about slots and their payout rates.

Keep reading to find out more about how payouts and all slots work. This knowledge will improve your chance of winning. This way you will understand more about casinos. You will become a better player online. And then you can earn more real money by playing online slots.

We are going to mention only the best of the best options here. Every casino and every slot we mention is of the highest quality. Each slot has been tested online by our team of experts. Just take a look.

Best Paying Slots

This is the most important part. Here you will find the top paying of all slots that exist online. This is mostly about the high rate of payouts they have. But there is even more than that. This is the list you have to read to find the best of all slots. This means that we only include slots of very high quality.

Every online casino, and every developer, and every game on our list is worth recommending. They all have excellent payouts. They have a good variety of games. They offer great bonuses, including free spins. And the slots available meet all our requirements. So make sure to try them and find your favorite.

How we chose our sites

There are certain criteria to choose a casino. There are even more requirements online. For example, games available, developers, customer service, and safety. But things are different when we talk about games. Specifically here, we are discussing slots. So here are our requirements to choose the best of the slots out there.

  • The payout percentage: this is also known as the return to player percentage. It means the percentage you will earn on the games, including slots.
  • How many paylines it has: paylines increase your opportunity to win the games. If there are more paylines, you will have even more chances to win the slot.
  • Are there progressive jackpots: this means smaller but regular earnings. It also means they are less volatile kinds of games. It can apply to slots too.
  • Bonuses and rewards: this is important in all casinos. Only the best of all casinos have the best bonuses. You should be paying special attention to free-of-charge spins. They are the best bonus to use in slots.
  • Unique features: each slot is different. So you should make sure you know all about it. Gambling online can be tricky. But there are a lot of secret advantages. For example, games with secret prizes.
  • Games developers: It is very important to know the software developer of the slot. Good casinos work with the best software developers online.

Best payout slot machines by software provider

When talking about slots, we need to discuss software providers. These are the companies that create the games. The providers guarantee the high quality of the slot. That is why you should always look for games by only the greatest providers. For that reason, we compiled this list of slots with better payouts by software provider.

  • Hot as Hades by Microgaming: This is a very outstanding slot to look out for. Microgaming is a giant in the industry of online gaming.  They create slots of the highest quality. Plus, we guarantee that their payout rates do not disappoint.
  • Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt: This is a very popular game online for many reasons. It is attractive, fun, has good quality, and has a great payout. This is due to the fact that it is a casino game from NetEnt. You know you can always trust this provider.
  • Man of Steel by Playtech: This is a class slot from a fantastic provider. Every slot created by Playtech is worth checking out. This provider has an excellent reputation and even better games of all kinds. And we can confirm the slot has a very good payout.

Slot machine payouts vs other casino games

Here we will be talking about the payouts of different casino types of activities. This is important to know because it might affect your earnings. If you understand the casino and the slot you will be a better player. So first you have to familiarize yourself with everything about the RTP. You need to know what it means and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

We will help by letting you know about comparisons. We are going to compare slot rates with other options to play at casinos. These offers might sound familiar. This is because most of them started in land-based casinos. But now you can play them online and try your luck in virtual casinos.

For example, we can tell you that slots usually have a percentage of 95%. In comparison, keno has only an RTP of 73%. That’s a difference of more than twenty percent. The largest rate goes for blackjack, with a number around 99%. Meanwhile, there are similar options to slots. For example, roulette, Caribbean stud, and even baccarat.

However, there are many other things to consider. It’s not all just about the RTP. Another important thing is bonuses and rewards. It is something that depends on each casino. But it can make things very different. For example, not all games of blackjack have bonuses available. But it is very common for casinos to have good bonuses for their slots.


his is a very interesting question. Everything begins with an interest in slots. This is a very popular game in gambling, live or virtually. It is thanks to the fact that it is popular with bonuses and has great RTP rates. So it is only reasonable that players should wonder if the establishments can alter these rates. To put it simply, they can’t. There are some technicalities, but it depends on the provider.

This is perhaps one of the most interesting questions. There are a lot of questions about the differences between land-based and virtual gambling. And there are a lot of opinions too. Some people might prefer the old-school, classic, and traditional feeling of an actual building. But it is a fact that nowadays virtual gambling is taking over. However, land-based establishments and websites have a lot of things in common. These places, real or not, usually offer the same types of games. For example, slots. But there is a point in which they differ quite drastically. We are talking about the RTPs rates. The most important thing to know is that the rates are much better in the digital world. This means that the is much more returned to players on websites than in physical places. We have previously established that there is no regulation for RTP of slots online. In contrast, land-based slots are required to have a minimum of 75% so they wouldn’t go lower. Although they can go higher, they can hardly compare to the 95% rate of digital slots.

This is a very interesting subject. It is a fair and valid question to ask. The RTP rates can cause a lot of confusion. This is because all slots can have different rates. And, considering there are so many slots out there, it can be a lot to take in. And it can be a lot of work to be aware of all the rates you find online. So we will explain it all a little more. Every slot can have a different RTP, that is a fact. If you are wondering why this is, then you might have to wonder why not? The thing is, there is no regulation on RTP rates. There is nothing out there that can determine what rate every slot should have. Some people might think it’s messy but some people will think it is a good thing. As a result, game providers have a lot of freedom. Every developer is free to decide the rate of every slot they create. This means that it might not even depend on the website you visit. It is all about the decision of the software developer.

It can be very useful to know about RTP. If you want to really know about payouts then you should know this. The most experienced gamblers know all about this. We are talking about how to calculate the RTP of a game. This is something that can vary for players and for casinos. For your better understanding, we will explain both. Firstly, we will talk about players. The RTP can be solved with very simple math. You will have to divide the amount that is returned to players after a game, for the amount that the players bet on the game. The result will be a decimal number. For example, 97. This can be confusing, but there is nothing to worry about. That only means that’s the percentage of RTP. Alternatively, the establishments have a different technique. What they need to do is combine a series of significant values together. In this case, it's the symbols included in the game, the combinations for those symbols, the value of what will be paid, and last but not least, the probability of it all. The result is what the site will know as the RTP percentage.

RTP is something that can sound complicated. However, it is not that difficult to understand. In fact, it only requires very basic math to understand it. But it is some knowledge that can be very useful. The greatest gamblers of the world have to be very familiar with these rates on all the casinos they visit. To put it simply, the RTP means what will be returned to the player. So that is the amount that you, as the player will get, after winning. That is how casinos work, you don’t get to have all the money you think you earned. There are certain rules, and edges, and technicalities. This is one of them. So this is how RTP rates work. It is a percentage of the total amount to earn. For example, imagine you have earned a hundred dollars at a slot. And the slot has an RTP of 97 percent. This means that instead of taking the hundred dollars, you will receive 97 dollars. It might sound like something unfair. But you have to understand that is how casinos work. And that is how you will manage to be smart about your earnings online.

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