Best Online Casino Games that Payout

So you’re interested in earning money playing games online. Obviously, your best choice is casino games. However, it is a really big business. Nowadays, there are hundreds of online casinos available. And each one of them can offer thousands of games. What matters here is finding the best option with a great payout offer. That’s why we’ve compiled this specific list of top-rated online casinos according to their payout percentage.

How Casino Games Work

If you want to know about casino then you’re in the right place. In this day and age, online casinos work similarly to real life casinos. However, you get to visit the best casinos in the business, from the comfort of your own home. Firstly, you sign up, you choose a payment method and then you make a deposit. Then it’s all a matter of trying out your chance of winning and, for your help, here are a few tips.

Understanding RTP and Payout Percentages

When you check the rules of any online gambling you’ll find RTP mentions. Those are the initials to Return To Player. That means the amount of money players actually receive after winning. Then you might wonder about the percentage. These two things are essentially the same. They mean the percentage of money that players receive from the money they previously wagered. 

Best Way to Earn Money Playing Games Online

You want to know everything about online casinos and percentage. Now it’s time to learn about all the games for this case. Here you will find a review of the top games that offer the payout service. We recommend all these casino. Especially, we focus on the payout rate and the quality and opportunities offered. These are casinos in India according to their payout.

Game Reviews

Game 1 – Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic game. This one is always among the most popular casino games. In this case, we bring it forward for its excellent payout rate. We consider it to have the highest rate of payout out there. The average percentage of RTP is 99.5. That’s almost a completely hundred percent per game. Just remember this is in reference to the main game of it per casino.

Game 2 – Baccarat

Just like in the previous game, baccarat is a classic casino for gamblers. This one also holds one of the highest rates of payout in online gambling. Among card games this is definitely one of the most beneficial options out there. You can count on an average percentage of 98.44%. This is possible because the game doesn’t have too many variants. So classic baccarat is the way to go.

Game 3 – Live Casino

Live casino is one of the greatest options in online gaming. In this case, Live Casino offers a pretty high RTP rate. In fact, we estimate the average to be around 97.92 percent. This depends on the casino you choose and the variant of the game you decide to try out. Still, live casino is highly popular and one of the top options.

Game 4 – Craps

Craps is a little bit different than the previous games. This one is still a classic casino but not played with cards. Still, if you’re interested and the highest RTP options then you should know this. Craps is known for a percentage of up to 97.02%. Then it’s just a matter of luck, strategy, and the amount of money you wager.

Game 5 – Roulette

Again we offer a refreshing option. We are talking about all the most popular in casino. In fact, roulette is not only fun and easy to play. The payout rate for roulette games is 96.21% on average. You can try your luck, but remember that this high RTP rate is mostly on the low risk variants.

Game 6 – Casino poker

Poker has to be the top of all the casino. It’s popular, a classic, well known, and familiar. Here we can also tell you that poker has an average percentage of 95.75%. This is one of the greatest offers among these games. Plus, as we previously stated, the live version holds an even better wager.

Game 7- Video Poker

Here’s another high rated offer. It’s another version of the classic poker. In this case we are discussing video poker. Although it might look lesser than other versions, it’s still one of the greatest. Compared to other games, video poker is one of the highest rated when it comes to RTP. The average number is around 95.43 percent for payout.

Game 8 – Slots

The thing about slots, is the great diversity offered. Slot machines usually have the highest RTP in all casino games. But this goes on a case by case basis. So make sure to check out the top options available in slots. You might find out some that go up to 99% on RTP. The rest will at least have an average of 87.95 percent of payout.

Game 9 – Keno

This might be a hidden gem for some players. playing in plenty of online gambling you will find this option. Even if it is not the most popular game you should check it out. The reason is the RTP. We have discovered that Keno offered a percentage of 86.87%. That is one of the best offers, at least it belongs in our finest ten games.

Game 10 – Scratch Cards

Last but not least we have to talk about scratch cards. This option still comes with a very high RTP rate. In fact, the average goes up to 80.50%. It doesn’t have to be your favorite casino game because we know it can be a big risk and a way to lose money quickly. But with that RTP and a quick game you can make really big wins.

Want to know more cash games that let you win real money online?

If you’re looking for games to play to earn real money then listen to this. Your best option is online gambling. But that’s the magic about technology in the twenty-first century. There are many more options of website games for making money. There’s poker, roulette, baccarat, slots, and table games. But if you search online, there are games apps that also offer great rewards.

Use Casino Bonuses to Give Additional Value for Money

This is about your odds of winning and your playing strategy. Online casinos offer many bonuses. For example, welcome packages, no deposit bonus, free spins or some gift cards. Additionally, there might be bonuses inside each game. Like in bj or in any slots. The trick lies in making the most out of these offers. A good gambler will know to take advantage of each offer to multiply the amount of money wagered.


It’s important to remember that luck plays a good part in casino. The real secret is trying out your odds of winning and being smart about your money. But we can confidently state that knowing all these little tricks help. If you know the top casino and the highest rated online casinos then your opportunities multiply. As you’ve seen here, the best options are games that offer a satisfying payout so go ahead and try them out.


After checking out all the best rates in casino we have the answer. The highest percentage in slots come from casino developed by NetEnt mostly. For example, there’s Ugga Bugga slot machine, Mega Joker, Jackpot 6000, and Blood Suckers. Additionally, there are other games that offer some other great payout offers. Including Uncharted Seas and Starmania.

We know slot machines are the most popular option in online casinos. And now you know how important it is to know about the percentage of each game. So, just so you are as well informed as possible, here is the average. On average, the best games will offer a payout above the 90 percent. In fact, some examples are 92.5 percent, 94.1 percent, and 95.9 percent.

As previously stated, a good percentage must be above the 90 percent mark. What does this mean? It means that if you win a casino game then you will receive at least a 90 percent income. For example, if you were to bet $100 on a slot machine with a top payout rate then you will get $90 in winnings. That is the recommended average. It can be better, but it shouldn’t be less than that.

When it comes to online casinos in India with the best offer in matters of payout there are a few options. We have determined that the highest offer of payouts comes from Genesis Casino and ComeOn Casino. But that’s not all. They are closely followed by other casinos online like Betway, Leo Vegas, and Royal Panda. All the best options for a good payout rate.

Technically, yes. The payouts is in the hands of the casino that constrols the game. In each case, the casino game uses a chip that determines the RTP. The particular casino is allowed to make changes to its system though. However, it also has to be approved by gambling authorities regularly. This is done to guarantee a fair and regulated environment in all casinos.

When you go into the world of online casinos you worry about safety. You are dealing with your own money and you don’t want to lose it in a game. So you pick a certified safe casino and a reliable payment method. Now you wonder just how safe is crypto currencies in gambling. Anyone can tell you cases of theft in crypto exchanges. But, as of now, this hasn’t happened at all with Crypto Gambling.

Quizzes are another type of game that can get you real money online. Besides casino you might want to try quiz games. You just need to make sure they are secure, reliable, and maybe look at the percentage.

This is yet another option if you want to make money by gambling. In fact, the best part about Paytm offers is the instant cash. Additionally, you might hear these online games don’t require any investment.

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