Best Canadian Scratch Card to Win

Scratch cards casino games have a reputation in the whole world. These are the easiest games to play, and people have been playing them for years. Scratch cards are easily accessible and very easy to play. With the advent of online scratch cards, people have the option to win money instantly. Like all other people, Canadians love scratch cards; and we have made this guide to help them learn about this game that they can play from the comfort of their home.

What are scratch cards?

A Scratch card is a small card that has concealed symbols or codes on it. These cards are either made up of paper or plastic. Certain sections of the card have hidden symbols or codes on them. The code is hidden by latex or some other opaque covering. The covering is scratched to reveal the number. If the numbers match, the player wins a prize.

Online scratch cards in the same way as the generic scratch cards do. The only requirement is the player must have a device with online accessibility. Online scratch cards are beneficial in a way that, unlike land-based scratch cards, players are known about their wins immediately. The prizes are different. Winners might receive tickets that can be used to play again, or they might win the biggest jackpot of their life.

Canadian Scratch Card

How to play online scratch cards in Canada?

To play online cards, the process is straightforward. You get yourself registered first at the website you are going to play through. And it is relatively easy, you provide the details they ask you to, and you agree to their terms and conditions. Once you have been registered, you become a member.

The next step is to deposit so you can purchase your scratch card. There are different kinds of scratch cards, and you can choose the one you like. 

Playing online scratch cards is more like Bingo or Keno. There are little to no rules, unlike online casino games. These games are much easier to learn and play. If the Canadian Casino requires, you place a bet. And most of the time, the amount you win is multiplied by the amount you bet. Another important thing is that the player needs to scratch the online card, either manually or automatically. Once the card has been revealed, the player can claim their prize. 

One crucial thing about scratch cards game is that it all depends on the luck of the draw. The scratch cards, both online and physical, are based on chance. Moreover, now there are mobile scratch cards available too. Players can buy tickets, and for the scratch cards game, play online and win instantly. 

One reason online scratch cards have gained such fame quickly is that the players can win money instantly. However, they have to be a bit careful of the scams claiming wins or magic match scams. 

Types of Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards come in different shapes and sizes, and they are of a few types. These include:

Themed Casino Scratch Cards

Themes scratch cards are based on different themes such as sports, movies, tv shows, or various forms of entertainment media. They are evolving and growing more comprehensively with fast-paced technology. One such example is Blackjack, where the player scratches the card hoping to reveal that he has beat the dealer.

Instant Win

Instant win scratch cards are the simplest form of scratch cards and very easy to play. To reveal the combination, you scratch this card either automatically or manually.


These are larger cards and a compilation of different fields. In these cards, the winning symbols form a single line.

Where can I find online scratch cards in Canada?

You can access online scratch cards easily in Canada, regardless of your location. The InterProvincial Lottery Corporation (ILC) consists of five regional lottery commissions and powers the Canadian Lottery System. The different commissions of ILC regulate the online lottery tickets and scratch cards distribution. Moreover, they cover specific regions or territories regarding online games. Their working order is as:

  • The British Columbia Lottery Corp (BCLC): This commission runs in British Columbia.
  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLG): This commission works in Ontario and regulates the online gaming system.
  • The Atlantic Lottery Corp (ALC): ALC controls New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.
  • The Western Canada Lottery Corp (WCLC): This commission is assigned to look through the workings of Alberta, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Yukon, and Saskatchewan states.
  • Loto-Quebec: This corp takes care of the Quebec region.

The Canadians living in the vicinity of ALC, BCLC, and Loto-Quebec have it more manageable. They can purchase online scratch cards by creating an account on these commissions’ respective websites, while the ones living in WCLC and OLG do not have this privilege. In this case, the players can contact internationally regulated websites and purchase online scratch cards.

Top Canadian Online Scratch Casinos:

  1. Jackpot City Casino: Minimum Deposit $10/ 820+ Slots
  2. Kahuna Casino: Minimum Deposit: $10/ 1500+ Slots
  3. Casino FRIDAY: Minimum Deposit: $10/ 2000+ Slots
  4. CASINONIC: Minimum Deposit: $20/ 2000+ Slots
  5. CRAZY FOX: Minimum Deposit: $10/ 100+ Slots

No matter what website you choose to play the scratch cards on, you need to register yourself. And to play, you have to deposit a certain amount. If you win the prize, the amount is credited to your account the same way you deposited it. This whole process is straightforward and takes no time. However, it would help if you were cautious about scams. We are hopeful this guide will be of great help to you.

Benefits of playing online scratch cards

  • Higher Payout: Online scratch cards provide the players with a much higher payout than physical scratch cards. Payout is one main reason for their popularity amongst the players.
  • No skills required: Online scratch cards require almost no skills, and anyone can play these. These are much simpler and easier to learn and play. This is a great benefit to these cards.
  • Small Investment: Online scratch cards do not need a lot of amounts. You can deposit as little amount as $0.1 per round. It means you are never too out of money not to play online scratch cards.
  • No Specific Venue: One great thing that happened after the digitalization of scratch cards that there is no need to appear somewhere at a particular time to play the cards. All you need is an internet connection and access to a specific website, and you can scratch your cards and win the prizes instantly. It also saves you from the mess of scraping the acrylics on the cards.

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