10 Animals Believed to Bring Good Luck

Humans say ‘good luck,’ “he is a pretty fortunate fella,” or regularly. Others say that ‘luck’ isn’t there a chance to occur. However, there are various religions around good luck all over the world, which revolve around animals considered to be blessed. Would you like to meet us worldwide and learn more about fortunate animals in various cultures? So pack your stuff, let’s go, we’ve ten choices!


When you use the word ‘goldfish, ‘short memory’ may that is your first thinking. But fertility and abundance should also be your first thought. It was claimed that goldfish was one of the eight sacred symbols of Buddha in medieval Europe and was a good luck charm globally and particularly in the south of Europe. Goldfish is said to be good luck in ties and wedding. If you catch the goldfish in Slavic legends, your wishes will be fulfilled.

There are several fairytales with a goldfish waiting for the person who catches him to fulfil three wishes. The goldfish may still be unable to give you good luck, although they may not have their supposed magical powers at the moment. They are other essential facts, as they are present even in the Feng Shui. According to many FENG Shui experts, the goldfish is expected to give good luck, as its movement resembles the chi force.

Bugs and Beetles

You certainly heard regarding fortunate scarab beetles. Amulets in the form of the scarab beetles in ancient Egypt were pretty common because the scarab was believed to connect the sun God Ra with its life-giving forces. The scarab beetle was also thought fortunate because it was supposed to defend one’s heart.

In many countries, but mostly across Europe, another form of an insect, the ladybug, brings good luck. It is considered good luck in Russia and Serbia, for instance, if you land a ladybug. You have to make a wish before they take flight!


In English traditions, the rabbit has been the most sought after commodity for decades. There is an old English mysticism that says that the good fortune will come up with you until the end if you utter ‘Rabbit’ three times in succession on the first day of the month. The rabbit is a sign of fertility and growth as per western societies. It is a tradition to give a young child a white stuffed rabbit for a healthy lifestyle. It is also one of casino lovers’ most famous gifts!

Rabbit is also a sign of richness, but you don’t have the actual species to acquire it. America’s approach to attracting good fortune was much more comfortable. You have heard that several of them are a good luck charm with a rabbit’s foot. But it must be the rabbit’s left foot to work with the lucky sign.


The elephant is one of the most notable species on the globe. People also buy porcelain elephant figures and put them before the door to draw good fortune and frighten them of rotten luck. The elephant is notably valued and loved by lucky animals in Asia, where several business owners have two elephants at the door. The statues are said to give the company prosperity and stability and defend them against disasters.

According to several tales, elephants have long been known to be some of the most intelligent and knowledgeable creatures. Therefore, it is not surprising that elephants are portrayed in Hinduism as sacred animals and linked to some of the most powerful gods. You may have heard of Ganesh, an elephant-headed Hindu deity. Other gods with elephants are also portrayed.


Kitties are synonymous with all sorts of prophecies. In some nations, black cats are bad luck, but in others, fantastic chances. The famous Japanese Maneki-Neko figure (or cat) should help business people to thrive. But perhaps the oddest feline omen is the cats’ myths. Rumour has it in Italy: it means the money would come your way when you hear a cat sneeze. If it doesn’t snow three times, you’ll get a cold.


Because of the sly skills, Lizards are a good-luck warning. Becoming a sign of good vision and defence against hidden things in life, the animal is often night-time. Lizards also remain concealed, so it is said to be a warning to see a lizard run away to tell you to avoid trouble before it happens.


For distinct causes, frogs are considered a blessing, but mostly because they are connected with rain. And why the rain is fortunate? Well, it is relatively straightforward: crops grow, and people don’t get hungry any longer and therefore glad when it rains. In countries like China and Japan, the frog can be found among other indicators of good luck. In addition to the rain and the plants’ development, frogs symbolize abundance and healthy journeys as well.


Horses are renowned for their pride, courage, and pace for years and are among the most beloved animals. They are thus also regarded as a symbol of liberty, energy, and power. They were even more valued by their appearance in many Greek mythology stories, and people began to believe that horses were good creatures. You have undoubtedly heard the tale that was part of several heroic events in Greek mythology of the winged beloved horse Pegasus.

Moreover, per some stories, horses could see what people could not and defend them from evil powers. It is also not shocking that the horseshoe is still a promising sign, with many hanging it over the front door to gain success and avoid imperfect happiness. Also, you can draw good fortune by taking with you always a little horseshoe souvenir.


The tiger is one of several lucky animals of Chinese. It belongs to the Chinese horoscope and is known for its power and courage. The tiger is also a strong force. It is related to Tsai Shen Yeh, the Chinese God of riches, often represented on a tiger. Thus the tiger is a sign of success and fortune, not just an animal of good luck. The Chinese legends have also claimed that the tigers can banish evil powers.

Indeed on the Chinese New Year, the sign of a tiger is always hanged on the wall as an amulet. So not only does the tiger take you good luck, but it can also prevent you from getting lousy energy by bringing a little tiger talisman with you wherever you can attempt to target healthy and positive points.


Need not throw Dracula out. Bats are an omen of prosperity to be carried to your house. The culture of China says that bats and their enhanced senses search only for suitable locations, so count yourself fortunate to have a fluttered guest. Some may creep away from these animals, but the Asian society welcomes the winged sperm. In China, some people would wear amulets with bats to give them good fortune. On the greeting cards, bats also show that the sender encourages well-being and achievement for the receiver.

Luck has been a component of daily lives for ages, and different theories on the attraction of people have been created. In addition to such lucky symbols, including the four-leaf clover, the various cultures claim that there are also many creatures with extraordinary strength that can attract luck. We chose to explore this concept even further made a fast trip around the world to discover the fortunate animals of each community.

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