Online Poker Strategies

Among the many different games in the field of gambling, online casinos, online poker is particularly popular. A little help:

Poker is one of the most popular types of gambling card games. Several facts tell about the history of poker, but there is no unambiguous version of the origin of the game, as well as the history of the name. The very first mention of a game of a similar family is found in the literature for 1526, and it is known that the first players were European residents. The origin of the word “poker ” has several versions. Historians claim that the game got its name from the French game poque, known in the eighteenth century, and has some similarities with modern card poker. The game itself is considered exciting and gambling.

To win money in poker, you need to have certain knowledge and strategies of the game. Any strategy of both regular and online video poker is based on the expected profit. Let’s talk about the main types of strategies:

Strategy for calculating expected revenue

In fact, this is not an easy task, especially considering that not everyone can calculate the estimated income based on the cards issued by the machine. It is much easier to play if you give the computer all the mathematical operations yourself, and already based on the received data to make your own strategy that allows you to evaluate the combination.

A little bit of practice.

  • Leave a pair – two aces
  • Leave a Royal flush draw

After that, we proceed to calculate the expected values, focusing on the likely endings of getting the winning option and the likely payout.

Leaving a few aces, there are up to 16,215 possible combinations to play a hand, taking into account all possible cards. For the pair, all these combinations will be winning. Of these, we have 1,159 variations to get only one pair, 2,592 to get two pairs, 1,854 variations to get a full house, and 45 variations to get a square.

Leaving the ROYAL FLUSH DRAW, you can stay with 47 possible combinations. In 27 cases, we will not collect anything.

Basic and minimal strategy

As usual, players use 2 strategy options. The basic video poker strategy creates all sorts of compositions with similar allowed returns. As a result, this strategy is quite easy to research. The difference in the expected payouts, the game with this strategy is extremely small when comparing the largest amount of payouts, which is achieved only when applying a good strategy.

Video poker strategy traps

As you can see, video poker is quite a difficult game, and you can seriously damage your chances of winning when you don’t use the right strategy. Especially in the long term.

Thus, even though some games, such as jacks and higher, have payouts as high as 99.54%, without an ideal strategy, your theoretical payout will be much lower. Moreover, it will depend proportionally on the number of mistakes you make and the number of combinations you play. Therefore, it is important to set your priorities.

You can win in poker either by a strong combination or by trickery. Although most people play poker from electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, there are no fewer opportunities for bluffing. For example, one of the players raised the bid sharply. This can be considered in two ways: he has a strong card, or he hopes to make other players afraid and deal cards in this way.