About Igaming. Part 2

In continuation of the topic of types of earnings in the sphere of Igambling, we will talk about two other types of earnings. We will talk about a hybrid model and a sub-partner or Sub-Affiliate model

And so, about each of the models in brief:

Hybrid model – can be a combination of earnings with losses, registrations and deposits.

Sub-Affiliate-revenue from other partners that you have attracted. After that, you will receive 5% of their earnings.

Now let’s talk about each of the models in more detail

Hybrid model – combines the previously described CPA and RevShare to balance the earning opportunities and risks of the partner. Thus, there are deductions for RevShare (25%) and the CPA model up to 100%. Terms of cooperation for this model are discussed individually with the personal Manager.

Subaffiliate – are partners that you lead using your referral link. This type of revenue-raising has 5 percent of your partners’ profit. Plus, you will have access to all statistics broken down by day and by referrals. Therefore, by attracting new affiliates to work with Posh Friends, you can write instructions and useful articles. Thus, by training a new partner to earn money at an online casino, you are potentially earning with them. It is the most current model in particular in the online poker environment.

For poker rooms, this is a fairly convenient model of cooperation, when they do not spend money on advertising, get themselves real players and actually share with the affiliate part of the already received profit. In fact, for the player himself, registration in the poker room from the affiliate is completely free +EV, because he himself does not pay anything to the affiliate and gets a reliable ally. In fact, the Commission for the affiliate, the poker room is already “embedded in the cost” and when a player registers directly, the room will simply receive a super profit, but it will not share it with the player, unlike the affiliate. So, for example, some sites in the poker room for players who earn more than $300 rake per month, are ready to provide +15% additional rakeback. On an annual basis, this is at least an extra $500+ of additional revenue from the game. Money is saved and thus gives a super profit.

There are in this model as in any other its pros and cons. In particular, many players mistakenly believe that it is not worth sharing their rake with an affinity. We will talk about this and other misconceptions later.

I don’t want to share my rake / rakeback with an affiliate

You don’t have to. Rather, the opposite is true – the affiliate shares a part of its profit with the players in one way or another. As mentioned above, in the case of direct registration by a player in a poker room, the latter in turn will charge the player the same 5% of the rake, without offering the player any privileges in return.

Some players also say that they “don’t want anyone to earn money from them”. It is worth understanding that in the modern world, one way or another, everyone “earns” from each other. Just playing at the poker tables, you will” earn ” at least a poker room, payment system, Bank, and many others. In contrast, an affiliate is willing to share with the player, rewarding them for their loyalty and cooperation.

 Poker affiliate cannot be changed (Spoiler: “you can if you’re careful»)

In this matter, everything depends on the poker room and in some cases, the existing binding really can not be changed in any way. A typical example is PokerStars, 888Poker, or Pokerdom poker rooms.

However, there are also many other rooms where the affiliate can make a request to the poker room and if certain conditions are met, the latter will allow the player to change the binding. In General, this is a topic for a separate article and you can read about all the nuances of this process and pitfalls in the article at the link below.

Poker affiliate knows everything about me and my game

Again past. In General, it is worth noting that everything depends on the specific poker room. There are rooms where it is not even possible to properly understand whether a player has registered with us or not. In others, the affiliate can see the player’s nickname and even the amount of money won/lost, but the available information ends there.

No personal data or detailed information about the game: limits, type of games, winrate, which is sometimes asked about, etc., the affiliate naturally does not have. In this situation, the poker rooms themselves simply do not have the right to disclose your personal data to third parties and you can be calm in this matter.

Poker affiliate doesn’t do anything and just shovels money

I think many of you know what opinion there is about poker players from people far from the game and poker strategy? From the category that you can come, play for half an hour, Deposit money and go for a month to rest in the Bahamas. Without seeing the entire backgroud of the player and the 10,000 hours spent analyzing hands, analyzing poker strategies, and directly grinding at the tables.

Imagine, but an affiliate business is also not a passive income lying on the couch, but a job where you need to plow for 8-16 hours a day. It just flows in a slightly different way than a poker player and time flies not for Flopzilla or direct play, but in the site’s cms, wordstat, and a dozen other webmaster tools.

In General, each model of earnings in gambling has its own disadvantages and pros. And only the player should decide which model to apply in practice. After all, no matter what the player’s choice, not only investments are at stake, but most importantly – winnings. And the more successful the strategy and model you choose, the more likely you are to get large amounts of money. Actually, this is all. See you soon!