About Igaming. Part 1

Today we will talk about such a phenomenon in the gaming industry as Igaming, and to be more precise about such types of earnings in this area as CPA and RevShare.

A little bit of help. What is Gaming?

Gambling is the most common casino game, only with the help of cloud technology on the Internet. In terms of functionality, online casinos transmit everything the same as real casinos. Slot machines, roulette, card tables and other “accessories” are completely transmitted in the interface of the computer screen, and also have the appropriate musical accompaniment. Sites offering to play online poker are particularly popular.

Briefly about the types of earnings in gambling

Payment for action (CPA) – in most cases, this is a payment for registration and replenishment of the balance on the online platform.

RevShare earnings on the losses of the players involved. The casino shares with You the profit, namely 20-60% of the spent.

Let’s talk about each of the options in more detail.

CPA-payment for the player’s completed action. In order for the webmaster to get their well-deserved reward, the user must perform some action:

  1. Register;
  2. Make a deposit;
  3. Top up your balance;
  4. Actively place bets, etc.

Payment for the completed action can reach 50-60 dollars. But this is in theory – in practice, it is very difficult to get this money. Sometimes it’s impossible.

Only the casino gets guaranteed “buns” in this scheme. The task of the webmaster is to bring the player who will perform the action. Everything else-whether it becomes a regular loyal customer or a “fly-in”, will top up your account regularly or “according to your mood” – does not concern the web. This data will be unknown to you. All the profit from the client you attracted will remain in the online casino, and you will never receive a ruble again.

Advantages of the SRA payment system:

  • Quick revenue
  • If you don’t have your own resources, this is a good option

And now about the cons:

  • Profit through fast, but short-term: no traffic – no income
  • You will not be paid for low-quality traffic
  • Too many stages of payment generation

We will tell you more about the last negative. To get honestly earned money, you need to go through almost seven circles of hell:

  1. The user attracted by you must perform an action;
  2. Long lead and traffic quality checks;
  3. Leads are approved by the advertiser;
  4. The amount of remuneration is approved and prepared for payment;
  5.  Money is paid to the webmaster.

And this is the best, because of the harsh arbitration the reality is that many webmasters don’t get their money. Imagine: you have worked hard and your account has accumulated a small amount-about $ 1000. You are already rubbing your hands in the hope of withdrawing money and going into the sunset, but there are no payments. You send a request to the support service, and here you are told that your traffic is being checked. As a result, the traffic is bad, it doesn’t fit, and they don’t want to cooperate with you any more. And why, if there are hundreds of such websites that will fall for the scheme.


Unlike the CPA, the Revenue Share scheme involves paying a percentage of the casino’s revenue. The webmaster makes a profit as long as the user remains a casino client. This is where the traffic payback indicator is calculated – that is, the lifetime of an active player on a gambling resource.

It is worth considering that not all users top up their balance and place bets on hundreds of dollars, which means that you can’t expect crazy income here. But in the long run, this scheme gives more advantages to the web than disadvantages.

Almost all advanced webmasters (confident in their traffic) work with this scheme. Revshara is especially loved by seo specialists. Remember the motto of a freshman – the first 2 years you work for the test, and then it works for you. The same is true with RevShare. But the” time ” is different for everyone. In General, RevShare is a long-term payment model.


  • Stable earnings for a long time
  • Players lose more often than they win
  •  The scheme is used by all online casinos and bookmakers
  •  Traffic sources can be any – only outright fraud is excluded
  • Most partners write off the minus sign and do not transfer it to the next month


  • If players win big, there is a risk of going negative
  • Large losses of players are often not shown in statistics

Another bonus Revenue Share gives the webmaster, who will have multi accounts in the status, and this will happen sooner or later with everyone. This way you will save all attracted casino clients and will not lose revenue.

How it works in practice:

  1. Write and post an interesting article about how to earn money in the casino or get bonuses there. Leave a link for registration.
  2.  Users read, see that raising money is real, and register using your link.
  3. To start winning at the casino, you need to top up your account. As soon as the player makes a Deposit, the SRA scheme is triggered – the web receives its reward.
  4. If a player loses, the RevShare model gives you 20-30% of Their loss.

This is the perfect picture. But in real life, most of the revenue will be taken by partner companies that do not always keep honest statistics. In the best case, you will get 10-15% of your earnings. Often, to lure webmasters, affiliate programs promise very generous payments-up to $ 80 for the first Deposit of the player. Now, simple math – if a player has added $ 100 to their game account, what’s the point of paying the web $ 1000?

That’s it. Next time we will tell you about such types of earnings in online casinos as Hybrid models and Sub-Affiliate.